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Client Services

Any organisation looking to grow can only do so through merger and/or acquisition or by recruiting new staff.

RB Connections focuses on the latter. The services include Executive Search (generally best suited to more senior level appointments) and Contingency (where I will find and present candidates against recruitment briefs).

The positions on which I advise are generally at mid to senior level or involve particular skills in short supply. I can also assist organisations in identifying, clarifying and evaluating recruitment needs and processes.

We offer a range of comprehensive recruitment services designed to make the process of finding the right person for the job as smooth and efficient as possible.

Using an external advisor for recruitment matters can bring a number of advantages:

  • It allows an independent assessment of the need, the responsibilities and positioning within the organisation.
  • It allows the recruitment to be carried out in confidence without necessarily alerting competitors or other interested parties, to the fact that it is being undertaken and at what salary level.
  • It allows us to share with you our experience gained from working with a wide range of multinationals, private and public companies, new businesses and professional firms.
  • It offers you a large saving in executive time which some clients say can be the most significant benefit of all

Executive Search

The Method

I will always take great care to ensure a close understanding of your company's history and roots, business issues and organisation, strategy for growth and recruitment needs.

I provide a highly personal service and will remain involved at every stage of the assignment.

By gaining a thorough understanding of your business priorities and objectives I am better placed to meet your needs. It is important therefore that the work begins with a full client briefing, considering not only the key result criteria and performance standards that define the job itself, but also the corporate culture within which the position sits.


  • Client Briefing
  • Target clients (as well as the ones to avoid) agreed in advance
  • Timescales put in place to ensure that the work is completed in line with your business needs
  • All candidates are screened against the agreed brief and undergo formal interviews
  • Shortlist presented and interview times/dates agreed
  • Two-way feedback between clients and candidates
  • Second/third interviews arranged
  • On-going feedback
  • Job offers discussed and presented to candidates
  • Confirmation of start-dates

Throughout the process I will maintain totally open communication providing you with feedback and updates on progress being made.

The Cost

The solution to any problem must be in proportion to its scale and complexity and the context in which it exists.

I will therefore retain a flexible attitude to fee levels and will tailor proposals to particular client requirements.

I can guarantee that my search fees will be lower than any other search organisation operating at this level. If we have not worked together before I may further reduce my fees in order to demonstrate the depth and quality of my work and ultimately to gain your trust.

I aim to build long-term relationships with my clients and prefer to view them as business partners to whom I can offer a value-added service. Continuing to find the right people at the right time is where we excel.

I believe that there are too many recruitment companies who simply do not deliver a genuine service and indeed too many Search organisations charging exorbitant fees without necessarily filling the positions with which they were tasked.

With that in mind I offer two key differentiators:

  • A guarantee to refund any initial retainer paid for Search if I do not succeed in supplying the promised candidates and the fault is mine. It is worth noting that to-date I have never been asked to refund any retainer.
  • Significantly reduced fees compared to other high-level executive search companies without any compromise on service and delivery.


We maintain and continually update a state-of-the-art computer system which allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to your recruitment needs.

Recruitment, to state the obvious is a people business and unlike most 'agencies' we meet almost all our candidates.

If this is not feasible we can at least guarantee that we carry out searching telephone interviews in order to genuinely assess a candidate's worth against a recruitment brief.

We will never inundate you with CVs. It is only about delivering quality.

Additional Services and Benefits

In addition to the core recruitment service I have helped many clients in:

  • Developing and writing job specifications
  • Training your staff in interviewing techniques
  • Media selection and booking
  • Administration of response to advertising
  • Screening interviews
  • Confidential approach to client-sourced candidates
  • Managing Agency (where I will undertake to manage all external recruitment agencies in order to free up your time. I would stress that this method is ideal for a client who is looking for larger numbers of people and perhaps tired of taking the umpteenth call from a consultant who has little or no interest in matching the candidate's skill-set against the given brief).